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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals
Featured Property


Welcome to Coasting Home, Inc.! This is: Escape

2 Bedrooms + Studio 3 Baths
10 max NO Dogs Kids OK Guest Reviews

“Escape” as an action word describes a get-away. As a descriptive word, “Escape” might be a hideout. Either way you use it, “Escape” should be on your wish-list for your next Gualala vacation home. Patiently built with great attention to detail and with many unique, hand-crafted highlights. Fanciful sea shell impressions adorn the concrete walkways. The ocean-view patio has a wood burning fireplace. Sensible and practical, with a lot of comfort throughout, the home is also wheelchair accessible including level entry path and wide doorways.

The kitchen includes an amazing gas range and plenty of prep space, all open to the greatroom and ocean views beyond. There is plenty of cozy seating for TV and enjoying the fireplace. Slider opens to the ocean view patio for relaxing and BBQing. The two bedrooms and bathroom are all on the same level.

Built on a small rise just behind the main house is the garage which offers a game room with combo pool and table hockey, plus washer/dryer, small sink area for snacks, and a full bathroom. The hot tub is on the patio just outside this building.

Upstairs above that space is a beautiful complete guest suite with queen bed plus double bed in a curtained nook, and a balcony with pretty ocean views beyond the house roofline.

This house site offers great ocean views, but it is “landlocked,” meaning there is no beach or ocean access from this property. It is bordered by privately owned land which we respect without exception. Forfeiture of full security deposit may result from any reported trespassing. We highly recommend beautiful Cook’s Beach just about a mile away near St. Orre’s Restaurant with access by stairway and it boasts a long sandy stretch for your beach-time pleasure.

Your next stay is just a call away:

Call Us Now

Two Nights: $675

Pricing varies depending on occupancy.

Taxes, linens, firewood and cleaning ALWAYS included.
Refundable security deposit required

One Week: $1674

Pricing varies depending on occupancy.

Additional fees include:
$30 reservation fee
$65 dog fee (if applicable)
Please deduct $20 from the stated prices
if you choose to pay in advance by check.

Check back soon for reviews on this great property!

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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals