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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals

Area Info

Our area encompasses Sea Ranch, Gualala and Point Arena (though some of our homes are also located as far north as Irish Beach).  These miles of coastline are bordered by giant Redwoods and puzzle pieced together by rivers with fascinating beaches all along the way.

The town of Gualala (next door to Sea Ranch) hosts a variety of shops which should be able to outfit you for whatever you require, or forget.  We have two markets, a video rental store, two gas stations (Union 76 and Chevron), two hardware stores, tackle and bait shops, and many specialty businesses.  We also boast the acclaimed Gualala Art Center, many quality restaurants and art galleries, a winery (in Annapolis), two churches, several nearby easy beach access points, and proximity to redwood forests and lovely coastal villages.  Recreation choices include golf at the Sea Ranch Golf Links (call 707-785-2468 for tee times), kayak rentals, trails for hiking and walking, bird watching, PLUS ocean and river fishing, nearby horse-back riding, and whale watching and wildflowers in season.

Living the “small town life” for the amount of time you are here can mean changing your mindset a little.  Most places here close about 8 pm and novelty shops and smaller restaurants may close earlier.  When it gets really stormy the power may go out and if it’s a real whopper the power may be out for more than a day.  It’s been known to happen that trees have fallen over the road or the hillside has slipped covering the roadway or taking part of it down toward the ocean.  In the case of such emergencies, trust the crews and locals around you and have an alternate route home planned.  Don’t try to be the hero, but let the professionals take care of things.  Also, your rental agents will do their best to make sure you are comfortable and well cared for during your stay.  Be sure to check for the latest road conditions before traveling during the stormy season: 1-800-427-7623.




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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals