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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals


Whale's Tail

How To Find Us

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NOTE! There is no “short-cut” to the coast.
Mapquest, Yahoo, etc., will send you over Fish Rock Road (or worse!). Fish Rock Road is rough gravel from Yorkville to the back roads of Gualala–out in the middle of nowhere!

PLEASE follow our directions. They really are the best ways to get here.
And PLEASE, always carry a good road map and a working flashlight with you!

Please note that cell phone service in our area is limited! Verizon Wireless seems to be the only carrier and does not work between Bodega Bay and Sea Ranch! Your rental home has a phone but you are required to use a calling card for toll calls. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
(Some rental homes provide long distance service please inquire for details.) The Sea Ranch and Gualala are approximately three hours north of San Francisco. Following are the two recommended options to get here:

Highway 101 north to Petaluma. Take the E. Washington Street exit. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp, follow the street through town, and stay on the road as it winds west through beautiful dairy country and small towns like Valley Ford and Two Rock. This road leads to Highway One just below Bodega Bay. From the junction with the highway, just head north, through Jenner and then up to Gualala.
Or …

Highway 101 north to Santa Rosa. Take the River Road exit and turn left. Continue west (through Guerneville & the junction with Highway 116) all the way to Highway 1. Turn right. Pass through Jenner and continue north to Gualala.

Gualala is about one hour north of Jenner.

Please drive slowly through our busy little town.
Proceed north through downtown Gualala and about half-way up the first hill. We are on the ocean side of the highway, just past the yellow and red Bone’s Roadhouse Restaurant:

Coasting Home, Inc. 39040 Highway One 2ND FLOOR (UPSTAIRS ABOVE the Kennedy & Associates real estate office) You’ll receive keys and directions to your home when you check in at our office. (Late arrivals use the wooden self-serve box at the bottom of the stairs.)

Contact Information:

Direct phone: 707-884-9601

Toll-free in California: 800-773-8648

Fax: 707-884-3439

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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals