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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals

Program Details

Vacation Rentals…Come home for your vacation

(scroll down for Long-Term Rentals)

This is some of what we do for all our vacation homes, regardless of monthly income.


  • email or telephone communication with prospective renters
  • determine availability & suitability of homes
  • complete reservation intake and processing

Weekly schedule reports

  • faxed or emailed to each home owner
  • Supervise and schedule house cleaning staff

Maintenance & Supplies

Schedule services (once or more each year–usually outside vendors)

  • chimney sweep
  • window cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • spring cleaning

Monitor, purchase and stock household supplies (at homeowner’s expense)

  • paper goods
  • cleaning supplies
  • fireplace/woodstove (kindling, matches, etc.)
  • occasional purchases: linens, throw pillows, table lamp, etc.

Maintenance and repair scheduling and follow-up

  • one-time repairs (plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  • follow-up on renter and owner notes, complaints, etc.
  • painting or pressure wash & reseal
  • regular household maintenance as directed

Utilities & other services scheduling and follow-up

  • spa service
  • landscaping
  • Firewood ordering


Accounts Payable

  • vendor payments and reporting
  • process security deposit refunds

Accounts receivable

  • deposit receipts
  • credit card processing
  • rent receipts
  • bank deposits
  • renter confirmations
  • reminder (collection) calls
  • Quarterly bed tax payments to County agencies
  • All payroll and worker’s comp
  • Year-end statements and 1099 vendor reporting
  • For an additional monthly fee of $35, we will also receive and pay household bills (water, trash, electric, propane, TV, etc.). A reserve may be necessary to maintain a positive balance in your account.


Monitor and update

  • web site
  • newspapers
  • Internet links and special accounts (FindVacationRentals.com,
  • VacationRentals411.com, 10KvacationRentals.com, etc.)
  • Meet with prospective new vacation home owners
  • View homes to determine their rental potential
  • Provide rental income estimates and other supporting data to interested buyers and area real estate agents
  • Plan and implement marketing mailings for new homes and to rental guests

Owner contact

  • Email & phone calls as needed
  • Owner bookings
  • Special requests (available at $50/hour) i.e.  receive shipments, measure spaces, special arrangements, etc.
  • Changes to web pages or other advertising

Monthly reckoning

  • Owner statements
  • “Tidepools” newsletter
  • Owner proceeds checks

Emergency contact

  • On-call 24/7, with voice mail back up
  1. Our management fee is a percentage of the monthly gross rental income.
  2. There are no additional regular service or monthly fees.
  3. All new accounts are assessed a one-time set-up fee.

What the Guest pays for:

  • County and local bed taxes for any stay less than 31 days
  • House cleaning fee for standard full cleaning, including the time to wash linens on-site
  • Reservation fee for each booking (non-refundable)
  • Dog rent (in pet-friendly homes ONLY), which is currently $65
  • $50 goes to the Owner and is expected to cover any extra carpet or deep cleaning that accumulates from pet use
  • Security Deposit which is refunded after departure

What is expected of the Guest:

  • Respectful use of the house and grounds
  • Use of a calling card or credit card if making long distance calls
  • Close the house according to our check-out list provided in each rental packet
  • Timely notification of any condition that needs repair or attention either during or after their stay

What the Owner supplies:

  • Linens for beds, baths and kitchen
  • Washer and dryer large enough to handle typical household laundry
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, plastic wrap and aluminum foil, trash bags, light bulbs, laundry detergent, cleaning materials
  • All items listed on our Equipment List (which is also a part of our management contract)
  • Firewood
  • Propane for gas grills
  • Cable or satellite TV hook-up
  • Audio and video entertainment equipment
  • Portion of cost to provide unlimited long distance voice & data service
  • All furnishings, equipment, and grounds to be kept in good condition or replaced as needed

While these lists are representative of typical activity and expectations, they are not exhaustive. Please ask if you are curious about something not mentioned.

Long-Term Rentals

Tenant Placement Service

  • Advertise the vacancy
  • Review current waiting list for prospects
  • Show property to qualified prospects
  • Receive applications
  • Paper-screen applications
  • Obtain full credit report on top applicants
  • Perform employment, reference, and past landlord checks
  • Discuss findings with the property Owner to agree on new Tenant
  • Negotiate new rental agreement (or lease) with Tenant
  • Receive move-in funds and complete the agreement
  • Distribute paperwork, and Owner’s proceeds after our service fee is deducted
  • Fee for Tenant Placement is a percentage of first month’s rent.

Ongoing Property Management

  • Receive monthly rent payments from Tenant
  • Serve as primary contact for Tenant for any questions, concerns, or repairs
  • Monitor needs for scheduled maintenance and work with Owner to accomplish
  • Keep an eye on the property while respecting Tenant’s rights to privacy
  • Perform safety/maintenance inspections semi-annually
  • Act as liaison between Owner and Tenant during the tenancy
  • Arrange for any necessary notices to Tenant, and follow up when needed
  • Send monthly statements and proceeds checks to Owner
  • Fee for Property Management will be quoted on request

Specially requested services available at $50/hour

Either, or both of the above services may be requested, depending on each individual Owner’s needs. If a Tenant is already in place, for instance, we can begin Property Management services at any time.

Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals