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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals

Client Testimonials

I wanted to take some time to write you and let you know how my experience was with Coasting Home, Inc. Recently, I contacted you regarding the rental of our family home in Gualala. From the start, your attention and thoughtfulness to our situation was very helpful. You were able to assist us by letting us know what things needed to be attended to in order to bring the house up to standard. Never having rented out a house before, this information was very valuable.
We followed your advice and did the things necessary to get the house ready. Once all the changes and upgrades were completed, the house was put on your website. Almost immediately, there was interest in the property. Kim, the rental coordinator, did an outstanding job of communicating all the activity to pursued. In a short time, one of the interested parties decide to rent our home. We were very impressed by the turn time and level of service.
I recommend Coasting Home, Cathleen and Kim, without reservation. They did all the things one would expect and a lot more. They were great!
-D. Welch

Cathleen has managed my property in The Sea Ranch for more than twenty years.
During that time she, and her organization have provided outstanding management of my property. She has overseen the rental program and provided the numerous chores necessary to faithful maintenance of property of owners who live far away from their property.
I very strongly recommend her services to anyone seeking to place his or her property on the rental market. They may rest easy knowing that a professional of the highest standards is looking after their interests.
-J. Aguiar, MD

We used the services of Coasting Home to rent our Sea Ranch home while the market conditions improve for selling it. We were very pleased that we could entrust most of the details to Cathleen, as we live out of the area. The formalities of renting are not easy these days, and we were glad to let her take care of everything, and send us checks each month. When the year was up, she took care of some repairs and painting, so our home is as before. If the house doesn’t sell again, we will put it back on the rental market with Coasting Home.
-F. Gerdes, Galleons Reach

Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals