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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals


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Welcome to Coasting Home, Inc.! This is: Pilar

2 Bedrooms + office 2 Baths
6 max Dogs OK Kids OK Guest Reviews


Medieval construction methods meet 21st Century styling and amenities right here on the northern Sonoma coast! Pilar is an elegant example of Post and Beam construction. The house was built by local artisan and Timberpeg builder Michael Thomas, with a lot of hands-on participation from the owners.   If you appreciate architecture, you will enjoy Pilar’s tantalizing curves as they wrap around the rugged strength inherent in this traditional exposed timber construction technique.

Clothing the beautiful “bones” is the timeless appeal of the Arts-and-Crafts style. Almost like accessories for an outfit, there are a number of decorative but very functional details in every room. There is beautiful glass in the doors, rich fir accents and trim, and great photography and other art. Pilar allows one to enjoy modern day, high-end accommodations in a world-class destination location while at the same time evoking the fabled days of Art Deco and martinis! It seems someone wants to remind you that there is time to truly relax and appreciate one’s company and surroundings.

The main floor contains an open kitchen-dining-living area. The kitchen is beautifully equipped and provides workspace for the creative cooks in your group. You can also grill outdoors on the patio with the gas BBQ. The living room keeps cozy with a gas fireplace, and includes a great audio/visual set-up with satellite TV/DVD and music/CD/MP3 system.

The bedroom has a queen bed, and the adjoining bathroom sports a claw-foot tub with hand-held shower.

Upstairs you first come to the office, graciously appointed with a work desk, a comfy futon for sitting or sleeping (makes into a queen bed).

Next is the master suite; more like a retreat room, really. There is a sitting area, gas fireplace, television, queen bed, and a gorgeous bathroom.

For outdoor fun there is a large hot tub on the patio off the dining area.

And Pilar is just steps away from one of the most dramatic walking trails ANYwhere! The bluff trail at Sea Ranch leads north in a few minutes to Gualala Point Park. The northern end of the bluff trail is a very large sandy beach which has the powerful Pacific on one side, and the usually tranquil Gualala River on the other other. At almost any time of day you can enjoy many kinds of birds along the trail and the shorelines. If you’re sharp-eyed, you may catch a glimpse of a river otter, or maybe a migrating whale will spout and show off! Deer and rabbits forage nonchalantly in the Park meadows and woods, and throughout the Sea Ranch Golf Links which meander along the north edge of The Ranch. Rounding out the local wildlife might be raccoons, skunks, foxes, and many birds of prey. Call soon to reserve your time in this amazing place.

**Allergy Notice: Owner has a cat in the house occasionally.**

This house offers internet access.

Your next stay is just a call away!

Call Us Now

Two Nights: $574

Taxes, linens, firewood and cleaning ALWAYS included.
Refundable security deposit required

One Week: $1474

Additional fees include:
$30 reservation fee
$65 dog fee (if applicable)
Please deduct $20 from the stated prices
if you choose to pay in advance by check.

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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals