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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals

Local History & Sights

Point Arena Pier: This beautiful 100 year old wharf replaced in 1990 provides great fishing, a boat launch, a beach that’s great for combing, excellent views for whale watching and birdwatching, and the cove sports two tasty restaurants. 

Fort Ross State Historic Park: Step back in time and visit this historic Russian settlement.  One of the oldest California State Parks, Fort Ross holds annual reannactments and daily tours.  Great for the whole family!  www.fortrossstatepark.org/

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens: 47 oceanfront acres of gardens with a small admission fee, café, events year round, open until 4 or 5 depending on the season.  Visit www.gardenbythesea.org for pictures and details.

Gualala River: Gualala, Native for “water coming down place”.  The story of the Gualala River is rich with the history of indigenous peoples (the Kashaya Pomo), the logging industry, the boom of the town itself, and of course the habitat preservation issue.  Read about our area in a fantastic book “qhawala’li: A History of Gualala, Mendocino County, California” available at our local bookstore, The Four Eyed Frog at Cypress Village.  Call today for your copy! 707-884-1333  www.foureyedfrog.com/

Guest House Museum: three story mansion that houses 150 years of Mendocino coast history.  Come to Fort Bragg to tour this fantastic museum and grounds.

Force 10 Tours: Kayak the Pacific Ocean from Elk, enjoy a 2 hour tour or longer adventure if you choose.  For beginners or advanced kayakers.  See ocean caves and marine life up close!  www.force10tours.com

Point Arena Lighthouse:
In operation since the mid 1800’s this lighthouse is 143 steps high.  Climb all the way to the top for panoramic views of some of the most wild, dramatic coastline you’re likely to see in your lifetime.  www.pointarenalighthouse.com

Gualala Arts Center: Take a class, view a showing, watch a performance, take in a concert, walk the grounds, join us for a festival, just come and enjoy what Gualala Arts has to offer at one of its three locations.  www.gualalaarts.org

Fort Bragg Galleries: Variety of galleries ranging from glass to fabrics.  Pick up your copy of the Mendocino Traveler’s Guide at Coasting Home for a detailed list.

Point Cabrillo Light Station: A museum, a lighthouse, whales to view, and a small aquarium.  www.pointcabrillo.org

Arena Theater: Our area’s exclusive historic movie theater in Point Arena.  Come and enjoy your favorite new movies or a local play in this one room, one screen building with charm and local character.  www.arenatheater.org/

Skunk Train: Ride the rails through the Redwoods and experience the hills the way they did in the old days.  Perfect for a family trip or a romantic getaway.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the day!  Open through most of the year, though not the extreme winter months

Safari! Come face to face with African animals as you tour a local preserve just in Point Arena!  See Zebra, African Antelope and more.  Enjoy the century old mansion on site as your hosts greet you with warmth and knowledge.  You’re sure to have a great time at B. Bryan!  www.bbryanpreserve.com

Kayak the Gualala River: Rent kayaks, canoes, for one person or two.  The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, quick and helpful.  The Gualala is full of activity and provides a quiet place to paddle.  Pick a day with plenty of water in the river, and you’ll be glad you chose to kayak here.  www.adventurerents.com

Ford House: Visitor’s center, museum of model ships, and elaborate model of the town of Mendocino. 

Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals