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Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals

Shops & Restaurants

Kennedy & Associates

Gualala: A town with character and charm, Gualala has a lot to offer by way of shopping. Not just groceries and gas, but galleries, keepsakes, fine local art, dining ware, unique clothing, a real Independent Bookstore “The Four Eyed Frog,” coffee shops and restaurnts with wi-fi. You’ll find toys, special treats, a crafter’s dream store called “The Loft,” even ice cream! Spend some time and walk Gualala!

Gualala Arts Center: Take a class, view a showing, watch a performance, take in a concert, walk the grounds, join us for a festival, just come and enjoy what Gualala Arts has to offer at one of its three locations. www.gualalaarts.org

Point Arena Lighthouse: In operation since the mid 1800’s this lighthouse is 143 steps high. Climb all the way to the top for panoramic views of some of the most wild, dramatic coastline you’re likely to see in your lifetime. www.pointarenalighthouse.com

Art of Chocolate: One pound of rich, moist cookies packaged about an hour after baking and shipped in a one pound crate—wherever you want, or pick them up when you stop in to sample all the other wonderful handmade truffles and chocolates, fudges and toffees these delightful people make!  www.mendocino-chocolate.com

Fort Bragg: Another great town built up around fishing and logging with galleries, lots of little shops and some great restaurants you’ve just got to try!  Visit www.fortbragg.com to find out more.

Fort Bragg Galleries: Variety of galleries ranging from glass to fabrics.  Pick up your copy of the Mendocino Traveler’s Guide at Coasting Home for a detailed list.

Maness Photography: Visit the Fort Bragg Depot to have old-time photos made from the days of the settlers.  Fun for all ages.  Same day photos.  707-962-0555

North Coast Brewing Company: “One of the 10 best breweries in the world”!  Home of the Red Sea Ale, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout and Scrimshaw Pilsner; stop in their Tap Room & Grill for food and fun.  www.northcoastbrewing.com

Point Cabrillo Light Station: A museum, a lighthouse, whales to view, and a small aquarium.  www.pointcabrillo.org

Ross Ranch: Private horseback riding on Manchester beach or in the mountain forest just east of Elk.  www.rossranch.biz

Village of Mendocino: An historic village, Mendocino boasts blocks of shops and restaurants to take in your day.  You’ll find books, toys, antiques, glassware, pottery, jewelry, and so much more.  Drawing visitors from far and wide, this hamlet has marvelous coastal views to tantalize you as you meander through its streets.  About an hour north of Gualala on Hwy One.

Sea Ranch, Gualala Vacation Rentals